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Residential Leaf Cleanup and Removal in the KC Metro

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Leaf Cleanup in Lees Summit, Missouri

At Lees Summit Fall Leaf Removal, we are your full-service professional leaf cleanup team. With years of experience in fall cleanups, we’ve been around the block on how to do it right, efficiently, and cost-effective.

Some companies will charge you an arm and a leg to haul off your leaves for you, but our prices are reflective of our streamlined approach to leaf removal services.

Our team is well trained to deal with all of the many twists and turns a yard can throw at you. From roots the rise high above the ground to divots that most mowers miss, we take extra care of your lawn to ensure that it looks pristine.

In Lees Summit, you’ll have many options for fall leaf removal companies, but only a few who know how to do it right. Make sure you find someone with experience and know-how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Leaves can cause problems later in the year and into the spring/fall, so be sure to find a leaf cleanup company in Lees Summit who knows what to look for.

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“Let me tell you – not all leaf removal companies are created the same. Some honestly really suck. But Lees Summit Lawn and Landscaping absolutely demolished our expectations. I don’t think we found even one leaf after they were done. Absolutely fantastic. 5 stars!


– Megan Philomen, Lees Summit, MO


Remove leaves from your gutters

Leaves can clog gutters and cause major drainage issues through the winter months and summer months. Whether it be snow or rain, the water has to drain through your gutter system and onto the ground.

Clogged gutters are a great way to create a massive expense for yourself later on, as it can lead to having to replace your gutters entirely.

What you want to do every time you order a leaf cleanup is to have us take a look and clean out any leaves that reside in your gutters. If it’s in the fall, you most likely will absolutely need this added service of leaf gutter cleanup.


Leaf Removal Services in Lees Summit, MO

Doing leaf cleanup right is not an easy task. Sure, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, but it certainly takes a professional lawn company who understands how to use the right leaf cleanup tools. A rake is only going to go so far. It’s imperative to use tools like high-powered blowers, zero turn mowers, weed eaters, edgers, and potentially hedge trimmers.

Don’t get stuck with a rake and a bag. Call us today at 816-207-5094.


What Most Leaf Removal Companies Get Wrong

You wouldn’t think that leaf removal could be done wrong, but it absolutely can.

For starters, a surefire way to make sure leaves are missed is to perform leaf cleanup in the rain or in wet weather. Leaves are notorious for being sticky when wet, so if a mower comes through to mulch and collect, there’s a good chance the leaf could either stick to a tree, root, rock, or other element, and it will be totally missed.

Not only can leaves be missed, but you could create massive divots in the yard if a heavy mower comes through while it’s wet outside. Especially when trying to turn. The heavy mower can create divots and push a lot of those leaves deep into the mud.

Lastly, some companies will rely only on rakes and tarps. While it’s possible to clean up this way, it’s often not efficient and you’ll be overcharged for it because of how many labor hours it will take. Go with a company who knows how to do it right and do it efficiently.


Get other landscaping services done during a fall cleanup

What better time to have those bushes trimmed, that retaining wall put in, or those bushes removed altogether than when you’ve already got a company out there performing a fall leaf cleanup service?

Answer – there is no better time.

When you have us come out, we’ll already be on your property, so it will often cost you much less to have us do something else while we’re already there than it would if we had to come out for a special trip.

Be thinking of all of the various landscaping and lawn items you have been thinking about getting done. When we come over to remove the leaves from your lawn, we’ll bring the right tools and equipment to do everything you need.