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Trusted and Experienced Lawn Mowers

At Lees Summit Lawn Mowing, we are the go-to mowing team for fast, affordable, and quality lawn mowing services. Our team of trained mowers are equipped with commercial mowing equipment from only the best brands. This helps ensure that you get a close and pristine cut every time we visit.

For every mowing job, we weed-eat, trim, edge, and blow off all grass clippings from walkways and driveways. After we're finished, your yard will look better than you ever thought it could.

Our services include one-time cuts, weekly visits, or bi-monthly visits. When you hire us to mow your lawn for the entire season, we will go the extra mile to ensure you're happy with our work.

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“Our lawn looks amazing! We've been using these guys for about 2 months now and we have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood in my humble opinion. Every time they come, thy clean up all the grass shavings everywhere and they even blow our cars off! Who knew that was even a thing! I'd highly recommend Lees Summit Landscaping for all of your lawn care needs.”


- Ashley Jorgenson, Blue Springs, MO


We care about your grass as if it were our own.

Each time we visit, we'll mow your lawn at a different angle so your grass can stay healthy. There are many tips and tricks to keeping your lawn looking its best throughout the summer months. Especially when it gets blazing hot.

We will even make suggestions on how to keep your lawn looking better than your neighbor's :). Things like watering in the morning and evening can really help prolong the health of your lawn as you move into August.

Then, when fall turns around, we'll make more suggestions on how to keep your lawn in shape for next year.

Often, we'll just go ahead and provide these extra services to our customers since it tends to be easier for us to do it than them.


Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup in Lees Summit, MO

What services are we referring to? Things like fertilizing, weed control, leaf removal, and fall cleanup.

Nothing is worse than leaving those pesky leaves on your grass all winter long. It can starve your grass and kill it during the winter months. Have you ever seen bald spots in your lawn after you mow that first time in the spring? It's because of those leaves! The grass can't breathe in the winter if it's covered.

So be sure to get those leaves removed!


We go the extra mile.

It's one thing to have your grass cut, but it's another to have it cut WELL. Any old guy on a mower can come mow your lawn, but there really is a big difference when it's done by a professional mower on a commercial sized zero-turn mower.

Mowing may seem easy, but it does actually involve skill. And we only hire the most skilled workers we can find.

The small things are what really go a long ways for a lawn. Something like edging along the driveway and sidewalks can make your law look excellent. Imagine a man going to get a haircut and the stylist missing around the ears. Hair would dangle over and look awful! That's exactly what happens when edging isn't done.

Then using that same analogy, imagine if the stylist didn't blow off all of the hair on the face and neck. The man would walk out of there with hair everywhere. Our team of mowers in Blue Springs, MO are trained to blow off every blade of grass from every surface around the yard. That includes patios, walkways, sidewalks, decks, porches, and more. All grass clippings should go back into the grass!

Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that you have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.


Residential Lawn Mowing. How much does it cost?

The cost to have your lawn mowed depends on various factors such as size of lawn, ease of access to backyard, services included, and where you're located in relation to our offices.

For most average sized residential lawns, a basic cut will cost somewhere between $35-$65.

If you want the full package, prices will depend on what you choose to do. Don't worry though, every basic cut includes weed eating, edging, and blowing off all services. The additional services are things like bush trimming, fertilizing, special cuts, and more.


Commercial Lawn Mowing in Lees Summit, MO

Do you own a business or property? Our commercial lawn care services in Lees Summit are uniquely designed to serve businesses, retail shops, office buildings, apartment complexes, and even neighborhoods.

Our prices are very competitive and you'll often find that we're a bit cheaper than the rest of our competition. We're able to charge a bit less because of the amount of mowers we have and the way we've been able to grow our business.

Commercial lawn mowing is especially important because it influences the way people will see your business. If your lawn looks awful, people will assume you don't do very good work, even though your work has absolutely nothing to do with lawn care!

Those who take good care of their property are automatically assumed to also take care of their clients or customers. It's something innate in our DNA as humans.

So give us a call today for a quote on commercial lawn mowing services in Blue Springs, Independence, Lees Summit, Grandview, Belton, or anywhere in the great KC metro.